• Vicky Edmonds

A Second Poem from Vicky Edmonds


I close my eyes so I can see better

and I try and find you

like a warm current in an ocean.

Sometimes I can feel myself falling in,

accidentally, easily,

like simple gravity pulling you in to a feather bed

but never completely landing,

always drawn deeper in,

suspended in the whispers of the feathers’ understandings of flight.

But I am in, and then there is no other place

I have ever existed.

Many have tried to name you,

but any sound

separated from all sound

limits you in ways you are not limited,

like the openness of vowels

closing on even the softest consonants.

I belong to you like a country,

like a continent that goes on underwater

belongs to all the others,

one body of hills and valleys that you let me rest in,

sightlines different from every movement of land,

and no land.

You hold me like a child

suckling sincerity,

as much as I can drink

and then time to take it all in and digest,

to let you become part of me

as I am drunk back into the body of you...

so grateful you were as hungry for me

as I was for you,


vicky Edmonds / © 2013

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