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A New Poem from Vicky Edmonds, I am walking toward kindness

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I am walking toward kindness… I am walking toward love and truth, And away from the ruins of hatred. I am walking toward freedom From my own prison Of contempt and derision, From the place where I hold any other as less than. I carry no weapons in my hands And don’t want to conceal any in my mind or in my mouth, I lay them all down. They are too heavy to carry And I have so far to go If I even want to catch a glimpse of god… Before I walk off of this earth toward him And become part of his breath again, I walk away from my failings in cruelty and self-righteousness, and I open my mind to a sweeter wind without the fire or smoke of rage, open my lungs to the fragrance of forgiveness. We are hurting… We are broken and bloodied On our own swords And cut with others’ thoughts like knives… We are dying. And what are we dying for? Because we are not brave enough To try to walk toward peace? Not courageous enough to listen, Not wise enough to try to understand Any life other than our own? Would we really rather be fighting??? I am tired… This world has exhausted me And I no longer have the strength To fight battles where there are no winners. I lay down my arms and my heart, I leave them here for you If you want them. But I will not fight you, I am walking. But there’s room on the road If you want to come with me… vicky edmonds 1.10.2021

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