• Vicky Edmonds

A new poem from Vicky Edmonds, poet extraordinaire

I don’t know how to make a day anymore,

what is supposed to go into one…

All my responsibilities have evaporated into steam

and drifted away into the sunlight,

leaving this wide expanse of time in their place

with no lines to demarcate guilt or hurry.

What beauty there is in no worry…

And nothing outside of me calls to me,

only this one warm place inside draws me,

calls me rushing happily in and in and in and in…

I go to the field and you are waiting,

and I sink into your chest like a child

finally safe with her father,

and everything I thought I knew disappears

and I finally know what love means...

And I’ll stay here someday,

finally looking out with your eyes,

with only your movements to take me

wherever I am meant to be…

* * * * * * *

"with god…"

vicky edmonds

may 2020

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