Vicky Edmonds

Vicky Edmonds is a poet and teacher who uses the written and spoken word as a means of looking further into the mysteries that are still unsolved in our lives. She has worked in hundreds of facilities with children, adolescents and adults, with at-risk populations, special needs groups, teachers, counselors and parenting groups. She has presented at conferences for the National Association for Poetry Therapy and the National and International Expressive Arts Therapy Associations, has been published in numerous books and anthologies nationally and has compiled over 250 chapbooks of the poetry of children she has taught. Vicky Edmonds lives and works primarily in the Seattle area and has been teaching poetry as a tool for social emotional learning for many years.

You can read a sample of Vicky's poetry here. PageMill Press will be publishing a collection of her poems about trauma, spirituality, healing, and writing in 2022.