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The Launch


Director of Publishing

The “making” of books has been inspiring me since my adolescence days when I was a co-editor in high school and editor-in-chief in college of the respective yearbooks. Of course, I was a reader from a young age and I am grateful I grew up when books were still a primary way of personal entertainment. But “making” or editing and publishing books and reading for education and entertainment were two primary inspirations that rolled throughout my entire life. The foundation beneath these life themes has been my spiritual journey of faith. That led to graduate work in theology and then psychology a little later in life. Fortunately for me that combination of inspirations and faith led to my eventual position as an editor at Harper & Row’s religious division in San Francisco. [Read more]


President & CEO

I have always been a teacher, although it took three years of Jungian analysis to realize how powerfully this archetype has inspired my life. 

My first teaching was a course on women’s self-defense which I developed at 17, as a sophomore in college. Later I became a graduate teaching assistant at Harvard where I had the great privilege of working for brilliant teachers who were wonderful role models. [Read more]

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