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Forthcoming Projects

J. Walker Smith

Bestselling and well-published author, J. Walker Smith, Ph.D. is writing a new manuscript: Loss and Found: Political and Cultural Divisions Are Not the Real Issue in America. He states: “America is at war with the idea of itself. This sounds like old news, but the usual headlines tell a different story, one of Americans at war with themselves—blue versus red, left versus right, urban versus rural, the 99% versus the 1%, the Squad versus Trumpers. These fights rage on, but they are skirmishes in the real war. It’s more than Americans squaring off against one another. It’s Americans on all sides warring with the loss of the idea of America. Loss, not divisiveness, is what haunts America.”

James Hagan

James Hagan, Ph.D., author of Diamonds of the Night: The Search for Spirit in Your Dreams, is a licensed psychologist (with a Jungian orientation) and an attorney. Jim is revising his first book Diamonds of the Night, which is an enlightening  journey through a woman's dreams. He will also be working on a new book about Jung and more obscure Jungian materials. Finally, Jim will be writing a new book on man's journey through his dreams as a companion to Diamonds.  

Heather Waite

Heather Waite, M.A., is working on a memoir based on her unusual life journey as an international model and winner of many beauty pageants including being the former Miss Orange County. She is a certified substance abuse counselor (UCLA) and holds an MA in psychology from Ryokan College. Carlisle has been her editor and publisher with two books, as she was the co-author of Moving from Fear to Courage: Transcendent Moments of Change in the Lives of Women and author of Calling California Home: A Lively Look at What it Means to Be a Californian (both published by Wildcat Canyon Press). 

Sayoko Yoshimura

Sayoko Yoshimura, Ph.D. is working on a book based on her dissertation which reveals the differences and compares the Jungian paths of individuation in Japan vs America (matriarchal vs patriarchal). She is the director of a mental health clinic in Redwood City, CA, Hawthorne House. 

Rev. Carrie Ives

The Rev. Carrie Ives is an interfaith minister and a spiritual director who is working on a memoir about her spiritual journey through cystic fibrosis and a double lung transplant. 

Robert D. Frager

Dr. Robert D. Frager is overseeing the production of a new textbook on positive psychologies. It will include a section on humanistic psychology, positive psychology, and transpersonal psychology. This textbook will be valuable for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Rodger Broome

Rodger Broome, Ph.D., is developing a book bio of The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James. Varieties is a foundational book in psychology generally but very specifically for transpersonal psychology.

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