Paul Cunningham

Transpersonal Psychology


Paul Cunningham


Transpersonal Psychology provides a systematic, structured, and relatively inclusive introduction to the field of Transpersonal Psychology suitable for use as a core textbook. Transpersonal Psychology can also serve as a supplementary text for non-psychology instructors of general education elective courses.  It can also serve as a reference book for libraries and for individuals who are interested in the connection between psychology and spirituality or Transpersonal Psychology and mainstream psychology. It includes coverage of transpersonal theorists expected of any introductory text such as Assagioli, Ferrer, Grof, James, Jung, Maslow, Tart, Washburn, Welwood, Wilber, as well as other theorists such as Adler, Allport, Aurobindo, Bache, Braud, Cortright, Fechner, Freud, Friedman, Metzner, Myers, Walsh, and Vaughan). Discussion of the results of transpersonal research are included with descriptions of how research is actually conducted. A self-critical evaluation and analysis of transpersonal theories and research is applied consistently throughout the text to foster analytical skills and encourage critical thinking about transpersonal topics.

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