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About PageMill Press



PageMill Press is a California based publishing house launched to showcase the insights of transpersonal, humanistic, and positive psychology and to share stories of spiritual renewal. The mission of the press is a multi-disciplinary pursuit of transpersonal studies through research and the use of various psychological and spiritual perspectives. The Press aims to tackle the most challenging contemporary issues of modern living and global concerns by encouraging qualified scholars and writers to produce thoughtful and inspiring books. 


PMP is a “traditional publisher” in that we pay an advance against royalties in our standard contract. Since we are a traditional publisher, we do pay the normal costs associated with the book publishing industry including the standard editorial, production, marketing, sales and distribution costs. We will be producing and selling the normal formats of a hardcover, a paperback, and eBooks into the US/Int'l markets.


We have 29 projects in our queue of new projects in development, some are on the verge of being completed and others will take a year or two. But it is a sizzling lineup of new titles and bodes well for the success of PageMill Press

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