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PageMill Press is a San Francisco Bay Area based publishing house which has been launched to serve the mental health, psychotherapy, and psychological research communities. The mission of the press is a multi-disciplinary pursuit of transpersonal studies through research and the use of various psychological and spiritual perspectives. The Press aims to tackle the most challenging contemporary issues of modern living and global concerns by encouraging qualified scholars and writers to produce thoughtful and inspiring books. 


Although the pandemic of 2020 has caused widespread disruption within the book publishing and retailing industry, PageMill Press has benefited from some of the delays that occurred.  Fortuitously our chosen publications dates for new titles will provide more normal marketing and sales efforts in launching our books. Many large and small publishing houses have been delaying publications dates for new titles to take advantage of a return to normal circumstances. That has happened quite naturally for us as our first title is not scheduled for release until April of 2021. This protracted setup time also allowed us to work through procedures for the usual six departments of a publishing house which need to be synchronized and working together for the successful launch of a new title which from March through subsequent months has been thwarted by the pandemic. 


Our first book will be published on April 8, 2021. That date has been picked for Janet Horvath's book, The Cello Still Sings: A Generational Story of the Holocaust and the Transformative Power of Music, because it is the designated 2021 date for the Holocaust Remembrance Day which is noted globally by all Jewish communities. 


Our second title will be by the Rev. Shanon Sterringer, Ph.D., who is penning a memoir with the tentative title, Forbidden Grace: A Woman’s Call to the Catholic Priesthood


Another manuscript that is also being written currently is by J. Walker Smith, Ph.D. Walker is the Chief Knowledge Officer of Kantar Futures, one of the largest int'l research companies for analyzing and communicating consumer trends. Walker has a rather exciting publishing background as one of his books was noted on the cover of Time magazine many years ago, and a book I edited and published with him, Life is Not Work, Work is Not Life: Simple Reminder for Finding Balance in a 24/7 World was voted one of the ten best business books of the year by various business organizations. We at the Press could go on and on about Walker but a Google search will boggle you with an information overload so we will encourage that. His new book for us will be about positive and negative psychological groupings in American life. 

James Hagan, Ph.D., author of Diamonds of the Night: The Search for Spirit in Your Dreams, is a licensed psychologist (with a Jungian orientation) and an attorney. Jim is working on a new book for PMP on Jung and dreamwork based on new research in more obscure Jungian materials. 


Heather Waite, M.A. is working on a memoir for PMP based on her unusual life journey as an int'l model, and winner of many beauty pageants including being the former Miss Orange County. Heather has appeared in commercials and television shows and worked in the entertainment industry with her former partner Hugh Hefner. She is a certified substance abuse counselor (UCLA) and has a MA in psychology from Ryokan College. Carlisle has been her editor and publisher with two books, as she was the co-author of Moving from Fear to Courage: Transcendent Moments of Change in the Lives of Women and author of Calling California Home: A Lively Look at What it Means to Be a Californian (both published by Wildcat Canyon Press). And she is also doing the initial research on a book biography of Uncle Tom’s Cabin


Sayoko Yoshimura, Ph.D. is working on a book for PMP based on her dissertation work on the comparison of the Jungian paths of individuation in Japan vs America (matriarchal vs patriarchal). She is the director of a mental health clinic in Redwood City, Hawthorne House. 


The Rev. Carries Ives is a UUA minister and a spiritual director who is working on a memoir about her spiritual journey through cystic fibrosis and a double lung transplant. 


Mary Flett, Ph.D., is the director of the Center on Aging and Values and is working on using material from her regular blog to put together a new book on aging. 


Barbara Morrill, Ph.D., is Core Faculty at the California Institute on Integral Studies. She is working on book which will be an elaboration of her research and articles on Etty Hillesum. 


Then we will be doing a series of books which are biographies of books. Katherine Teesdale, MA is under contract to draft a manuscript based on months of research. Her bio of a book is for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, one of the 20th Century's most celebrated novels. And it has been in print for decades and sold millions of copies. That novel is currently being rediscovered by a whole new audience because of its themes around income inequality, class distinctions, race issues, and isolation. Mckenna Lloyd is working on writing a biography of The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck whose relevance for the issue of migration/immigration is self-evident. And, of course, we are on the hunt for a scholar to do a biography of The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James. That foundational book is high on our list of priorities and we are talking with various scholars about it. 


The challenge is that these biographies have emerged from the research by S.H.A.R.P. scholars (The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing.). S.H.A.R.P. is an international organization of about 1000 scholars who study the history of the book. Other writers/scholars must learn how to research and write these books. And so far, the University of Massachusetts Press (Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book) and Princeton University Press (Lives of Great Religious Books) have published the majority of book biographies. But this new genre has moved into trade publishing and now there is a bio of 1984 by Orwell and The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald. Carlisle, a member of S.H.A.R.P. for many years, has not been impressed by those new trade books because they focus on the biographical information about the author which is specifically what this new genre of books is not about. Anyway, PageMill Press will be establishing a series of these books. 


Finally, Dr. Robert Frager, a well published author, is producing a second book of Sufi talks for the Press. His first book Sufi Talks: Teachings of an American Sufi Sheikh was published by Quest Books in 2012. 


PMP is a “traditional publisher” in that we will be paying the incredible amount of $100 as an advance against royalties in our standard contract. Since we are a traditional publisher, we do pay the normal costs associated with the book publishing industry including the standard editorial, production, marketing, sales and distribution costs. We will be producing and selling the normal formats of a hardcover, a paperback, and eBooks into the US/Int'l markets. 


Finally, the Press will have a relationship with the Independent Publishers Group in Chicago. IPG is the second largest book distributor in the US and Carlisle has worked with that team for the last 12 years in his position at a think tank as the manager of a scholarly book program before joining Dr. Frager in establishing PageMill Press. 


Additionally, Carlisle has sold international translation rights for his think tank titles for many years. In fact, in his last two years he sold translation rights to China for five books, Spanish translation rights on two books, and other licenses. The global market is important and the Press will be spending time assessing options. And as a newly approved member of the American Psychological Association, and an active member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, and with ongoing duties on the Editorial Advisory Committee for the Independent Book Publishers Association (and former Board of Directors member), Carlisle does keep abreast of what is happening in publishing and with book markets. 

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